Dubai to Durham…

Dubai to Durham…

Ex The Burj facialist, Wennie Devilliers, has looked after the skin of hundreds of famous A listers. Now living in Durham, she is definitely on the speed dial of those in the know. Catherine Harland went to meet her….

Tucked away in a quiet Durham suburb, The Wellbeing Salon is a hidden gem, only known to the clients who pass through its doors, many from far and wide, with some even traveling from abroad. Intimate and discreet, the salon provides an oasis to the ever demanding pace of life on the outside world. Soothing massages, deluxe manicures and advanced skincare, to name but a few treatments. It’s all right here.

When you meet salon owner, Wennie Devilliers, you immediately feel at ease and in the safest hands. Known as the skin guru to her clients, it’s clear to see why. Wennie’s own skin is picture perfect and her skin knowledge is extraordinary. So how did she end up running her own beauty salon in the North East of England?

Originally from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s sprawling capital, her passion for travel and beauty took her to the bright lights of Dubai where she worked in the Six Senses Spa (now Talise Spa) within Dubai’s jewel in the crown at that time, The Burj al Arab. The training here was exemplary and clients’ standards exacting which can be seen in Wennie’s approach today which combines expert knowledge with super attentive client care. Love intervened in her career path when she met and fell in love with her now husband, who was from the North East, and ended up relocating to Durham, where she opened her own salon, which has been thriving for the past 10 years due to word of mouth recommendation.

With extensive cosmetology training behind her and a continuing passion to help clients achieve their desired skin goals without the use of injectables, Wennie champions COMCIT, the collagen induction facial.

“Many clients are reluctant to go down the wrinkle injectable route therefore it was important that I found a treatment that not only provided definite results, but was ultimately safe, “ she explains. “After thorough investigation, I decided to invest in the COMCIT machine, Cryo Oxygen Micro channelling Collagen Induction Therapy. This treatment delivers cryo oxygen while using a micro needling roller, which creates hundreds of microscopic channels in the skin to allow the penetration of rejuvenating products including hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and argan stem cell extract. “

“The roller penetrates the epidermis which incurs minute skin damage, undetectable to the naked eye but enough to induce collagen production which continues up to 14 days after treatment. The overall treatment reduces wrinkles, pigmentation and tightens skin, much to the delight of many of our clients producing significant results.”

Known as the lunchtime facial treatment, there is no downtime and make up can be worn again the following day.

“Regardless of investing in injectables or other facial treatments, it’s essential that everyone has a great skincare regime at home using quality products full of the best ingredients. I see so many clients who do not even remove make up before bed, which can age the skin seven times faster,” Wennie says.

I leave the salon with a definite ‘A’ list glow and lots of tips for maintaining younger looking skin, Such is her passion and expertise, any chat with Wennie is a virtual masterclass in how top celebrities achieve those peachy, ageless complexions. As I walk out of the door, she advises me to wear factor 50 in the winter on my face to prevent age spots and to limit skin damage.

Wennie offers a free skincare consultation and The Wellbeing Salon offers treatments for men as well as women including skincare, massage and pedicures.


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