Fashionably tall tales…

Fashionably tall tales…

North East girl and urban explorer Lucinda Grange’s fearless pursuit of the perfect image has won her fans around the globe. Poppy Kennedy speaks to the daredevil explorer famous for her unique fashion-forward photography….

Lucinda Grange certainly takes fashion shoots to new heights, literally, in her stunningly dangerous photography. She sidesteps security; faces sheer  drops; runs along live train lines and flies into war zones to capture spectacular shots of iconic and interesting buildings.

Born and raised in the North East, she studied at Cleveland College of Art and Design. Her natural sense of adventure soon led her into urban exploring. The daredevil photographer has scaled some of the highest buildings and bridges and descended the deepest derelict tunnels around the world.

The world of urban exploring is predominately male and Lucinda’s photography offers a unique take on the genre. It may be fashion forward but the lifestyle is far from glamorous, she spends more time in a sleeping bag on a concrete floor than a memory foam mattress, but the resulting images are mesmerising.

“It’s making it into more of a fashion based shoot so the audience isn’t looking thinking ‘they’re not meant to be there,’ they are looking at it astonished by the impressive view. They look at it in a completely different way and people come to a different conclusion,” she explains.

A combination of fashion and danger are evident themes in Lucinda’s work. None more so than her second journey to the Chrysler building.

Having previously been photographed sat on the head of an eagle in a classic little black dress, Lucinda decided to return to the iconic building with an elegant ball gown, which made it far from easy to ascend the iconic building.

“That’s the picture that seems to get the most attention and because it’s the Chrysler everyone thinks I’m American. But I’d like to think I’m proudly representing England,” she says.

Lucinda has now released the second edition of her book, Outside the Lines, which is filled with jawdropping photography and the amazing stories behind the shoots. The book allows her to share her adventures with her global fan base.

“There’s plenty of reasons why people can’t do the things I do, they’re physically incapable, or mentally unable to – fear of heights, claustrophobia, fear of the consequences – but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to see the view or get that experience even if it’s just through me telling them a story or reading my writing, ” she explains.

“It’s like being your childhood superhero and getting to see and do things that you’re not meant to but then being able to share it so that everyone can have that same feeling of being Action Man for a bit,” she smiles. “It’s really satisfying.”

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